Negro Ensemble Company, Inc.

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Negro Ensemble Company, Inc.

Production History

“Songs of the Lusitanian Bogey”–Peter Weiss
“Summer of the Seventh Doll”–Ray Lawler
“Kongi’s Harvest”–Wole Soyinka
“Daddy Goodness”–Richard Wright
Monday Playwright Series
+”One Last Look”–Steve Carter
+ “Ladies in Waiting”–Peter deAnda
+ “Two in a Trap”–Ted Shine
+ “Black Is..-We Are”-Workshop Project

“God is a (Guess What?)”–Ray McIver
“Ceremonies in Dark Old Men” –Lonnie Elder, III
“String”-Alice Chlldress
“Contribution”–Ted Shine
“Malcochon”–Derek Walcott
Workshop Festival
+ “The Man Man Room”–J.E. Franklin
+ “Maggie”–Lee Hunkins
“The Last Dragon”–Workshop Project
“Black Circles Around Angela”–Hazel Bryant
“Man Better Man”–Errol Hill

“The Harangues”-Joseph A. Walker
“Brotherhood”–Douglas Turner Ward
“Day of Absence”–Douglas Turner Ward
“Akokowe”–Coordinated by Afolabi Ajayi

“Ododo”–Joseph A. Walker
“Perry’s Mission”–Clarence Young, III
“Rosalie Pritchett”–Carlton & Barbara Molette
“The Dream on Monkey Mountain”–Derek Walcott
“Ride a Black Horse”–John Scott
Repertory Workshop –
+ “The Terraced Apartment”–Steve Carter
+ “Us vs Nobody”–Hal de Windt
+ “His First Step”–Oyamo
+ “The Corner”–Ed Bullins
+ “Dreams”–Bill Drake

“The Sty of The Blind Pig”–Phillip Hayes Dean
“A Ballet Behind the Bridge”–Lennox Brown
“Frederick Douglass..Through His Own Words”–Arthur Burghardt

“The River Niger”–Joseph A. Walker
Repertory Workshop
+ “Laundry”-Gertrude Greenridge
+ “Wild Flower”–Robert McCauley
+ “Indiana Avenue”–Debbie Woods
+ “Galavantin’ Husbend”–Milburn Devis
+ “The Death of Little Marcus” –Herman Johnson
+ “Johannas”–Bill Gunn
+ “Playstreet”–Ted Harris
+ “Crocodiles”–Femi Euba
+ “The Riddle of the Palm Leaf’–Femi Euba
+ “The Yellow Pillow”–John Perkins
+ “Buy a Little Tenderness”–Burial Clay, II
Special Attractions Festival
Music and Dance Festival

“The Great McDaddy”–Paul Carter-Herrison
+ “Black Sunlight”–AI Davis
+ “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide” –Herman Johnson
+ “Terraces”–Steve Carter
+ “Heaven and Hells Agreement” –J.E. Gaines
“In the Deepest of Sleep”–Charles Fuller

“The First Breeze of Summer”–Leslie Lee
+ “Liberty Call”–Burial Clay, II
+ “Sugar Mouth Sam Don’t Dance No More” –Don Evans
“The Moonlight Arms”–Rudy Wallace
“The Dark Tower”–Rudy Wallaca
“Welcome to Black River”–Samm-Art Williams
“Waiting for Mongo”–Silas Jones

“Eden”–Steve Carter
+ “The Trap Play”–Reginald Vel Johnson
+ “A Love Play”–Samm-Art Williams
“A Fictional Account of the Lives of Richard and Sarah Allen”–Sylvia-Elaine Ford
“Kingdom”–Ali Wadud
“Sunshine, Moonbeam”–Alberta Hill
“Livin’ Fat”–Judi Ann Mason

“The Brownsville Raid”–Charles Fuller
“The Great MacDaddy”–Paul Carter Harrison
“The Square Root Soul”–Adolph Ceasar
Playwrights’ Units Presentation
+ “1280 On Your Dial”–William A. Walker

“The Offering”–Gus Edwards
“Black Body Blues”–Gus Edwards
“Twilight Dinner”-Lennox Brown
Playwrights’ Series
+ “The Pathetique”–Samm-Art Williams
+ “Sherry and Wine”–Jimi Rand
+ “As Time Goes By”–Mustapha Matura
+ “Mr. E”–Michael Abbensetts
+ “Last Brownstone in Brooklyn” –Grady Whitfield
+ “Haliki”–Mae Jackson
+ “A Long Way Home” –Reginald Vel Johnson

Readings and Staged Readings
+ “The Pathetique”–Samm-Art Williams
+ “The Ceremony”–Ali Wadud
+ “Companions of the Fire”–Ali Wadud
+ “Daughters of The Mock”–Judi Ann Mason
+ “Nevis Mountain Dew”–Steve Carter
+ “Faith and A Good Thing”–Robert Glenn
+ “The Afrindi Aspect”–Silas Jones
+ “Old Phantoms”–Gus Edwards
+ “Brother Righteous”–W.B. Burdine
+ “Masada”–Edgar White
+ “Redeemer”–Douglas Turner Ward
+ “Big City Blues”–Lou R. Kilijan

Development Stages
+ “Daniel and Samara”–Ramona King
+ “The Comic”–Winston Lovett
+ “1919”–Bonnie Greer
+ “Chasing Dreams is the Message” –Grady Whitfield
+ “Fixed Income”–Jim Lea
+ “Able to Leap From Tall Buildings in a Bound”–Theresa G. McGriff

“The Sixteenth Round”-Samm-Art Williams
“Zooman and the Sign”–Charles Fuller
“Weep Not For Me”-Gus Edwards
“In An Upstate Motel”–Larry Neal
“The Isle is Full of Noises”–Derek Walcott (with the Hartford Stage Company)
Development Stages I and II
+ “Hush Sweet Baby”–Karmyn Lott
+ “St. Steven: A Passion Play” –James Adams
+ “Della”–Ben Bates “Strings”–Ramona King
+ “The Favorite”–Gyavita Lasana
+ “A Cup Full of Empty”–Laura L. Fowler
+ “The Hunchback of Harlem”
+ –Winston Lovett “Giant”–Ade Ademola
+ “What Goes Around”–Bill Harris
+ “Capricorn’s Livery”–E. Ernest
+ “Extensions”–Jackie Green
+ “Night of the Wizard Fantasy” –Clyde Santana & Gail Davis

“A Soldier’s Play”–Charles Fuller
“Colored People’s Time”–Leslie Lee
“Abercrombi Apocalypse”–Paul Carter Harrison

“A Soldier’s Play”–Charles Fuller (continued until January 1983)
“Sons and Fathers of Sons”–Ray Aranha
About Heaven and Earth (3-one-acts)
+ “The Redeemer”–Douglas Turner Ward
+ “Nightline”–Julie Jensen
+ “Tigus”–Ali Wadud
“Manhattan Made Me”–Gus Edwards

“American Dreams”–Velina Houston
“puppetplay”–Pearl Cleage

“District Line”–Joseph A. Walker
“Henrietta”–Karen Jones Meadows
“Two Can Play”–Trevor Rhone
“Ceremonies in Dark Old Men” –Lonnie Elder, III

“Eyes of the American”–Samm-Art Williams
“House of Shadows”–Steve Carter
“Jonah and the Wonder Dog” –Judi-Ann Mason
“Louie and Ophelia”–Gus Edwards

“The War Pary”–Leslie Lee
“Two Can Play”–Trevor Rhone

“From the Mississippi Delta” -Dr. Endesha Ida Mae Holland
“Like Them That Dream”–Edgar White
“West Memphis Mojo”–Martin Jones

“WE – Sally”–Charles Fuller
“WE – Prince”–Charles Fuller

“WE – Jonquil”–Charles Fuller
“WE – Burner’s Frolic”–Charles Fuller
“Lifetimes on the Streets”–Gus Edwards

“The Little Tommy Parker Celebrated Colored Minstrel Show”–Carlyle Brown
“Folks Remember A Missing Page” –J.E. Gaines

“Here in My Father’s House”–Leslie Lee
“Just A Night Out”–Susan Watson Turner, books & lyrics –Richard V. Turner, composer
“Colored People’s Time (CPT)” (Workshop) –Leslie Lee

“Last Nite at Ace High” –Kenneth Hoke-Witherspoon “Song of Lusitanian Bogey” (Workshop) –Peter Weiss
“Dlivia’s Opus”–Nora Coles

Tales from Our Side (5-one-acts)
+ “Our Sides”–Clay Goss
+ “Solomon’s Way”–J.E. Franklin
+ “Two Mens’es Daughter”-J- E. Franklin
+ “Contribution”–Tad Shine
+ “Shoes”–Ted Shine
Behind Closed Doors (3-one-acts)
+ “Church Fight”–Ruth Gaines Shelton
+ “Hotel Happiness”–Margaret Ford Taylor
+ “Creedmore”–Ray Aranha
“CPT” (Workshop)–Leslie Lee

“Ballad for Bimshire”-Irving Burgie Loften
“Trial of One Short Sighted Black Woman V.” –Marcia Leslie
“Deep Down in the Jungle” –Carole Khan-White
“CPT” (Workshop)–Leslie Lee
Playwrights’ Unit
+ “New Short Plays”–Gus Edwards
+ “Personal Camp Pains”–David Mills “Burning”–Derrick Wilson
+ “Under the Rug”–Karimah
+ “The Trees Don’t Bleed in Tuskegee” –Duane Chandler
+ “Maggie” (one-act comedy) –Lillie Redwood
+ “Don’t Call Us Girls!” (screenplay) –Sam Greenlee
+ “Family Tree” (10-minute play) –Sam Greenlee

“Dick Gregory–Live”-Dick Gregory
“N. 17th” Street”–Clay Goss
“Sister Rabbit Takes Harlem” –Carole Khan-White –Richard V. Turner, music
“Ensemble In Black”–Susan Watson Turner

“Boy X Man”–Ed eullins
“Another Chance”–Melanie Daniels Ford
“Sister Rabbit Takes Harlem” (2″+ prod.)
“Choices”–Derrick Guest
“Major Decisions”–Lawrence Watson
Playwrights’ Unit Readings
+ “Devil in a Blue Dress”–Walter Mosley
+ “Blanche on the Lam”–Barbara Neeley
+ “When Death Comes Stealing” –Valerie Wilson Wesley

“And Baby Makes Two”–Kim Tooks
“Trouble in Mind”–Alice Childress
“One Futuristic Kid vs. Play and the Gang” –Carole Khan-White

Playwrights’ Unit Readings
+ “Great Kickin Dog”–Ken Crutchfield
+ “Pigmentation Blues”–Betty Bynum
+ “Rap-So-Dee”–Frazier Griffin
+ “An Aftertaste of Sherry”–Allison West
+ “Slice”–Gus Edwards

“Talk that Talk I & II” – Sharon Hope, Shona Tucker
“Our History Our Drama” –
“Relationships” – African American Playwrights
“Guilty by Association” – Gus Edwards
“Just a Night Out “- Richard Turner Susan Turner

“Just A Little Bit of Something”- Lou Myers
“Tea, Taxes and Shakespeare at the African Grove” – Richard Barboza
“Lifetimes on the Street” – Charles Weldon
“Domestic Issues” – Gus Edwards
“Relationships” – African American Playwrights
“The Good, The Bad, & the Unfaithful” – short stories Gus Edwards

“Tea and Taxes” – O.L. Duke
“It Happened at Eli Whitney” – Corta Trotter
“Da Beat Trap” – France Luce Benson
“Black Heroes, Monologues” – Gus Edwards
“Heavy Rotation” – Jamie Patton Readings and Staged Readings
“The Truth” – Romeo Ballentine
“Completion” – Sean Philips
“Blinded by love”- Evelyn Green
“Personal History” – Dominic Taylor
“Jungle Lords” – Ronald Luckett

“Time Capsule (Fry Cakes on the Freedom Train to Glory)” – O.L. Duke & Jamie Patton
Workshop Productions
+ “Four Women” – Robyne Landiss & Walker
+ “Funny Brown Bone” – Janis McDavid & Jamie Patton
+ “Tales of Life, Love and Loss” – Gus Edwards
Readings and Staged Reading
+ “My So Called Masculinity” – Yusef Miller
+ “Heavy Rotation” – Jamie Patton
+ “The Logic of Being Young Gifted and Black” – Rachel Jenkins
+ “The Ultimate Sacrifice” – Vicky Jeuds
+ “Completion” – Sean Phillips


+ “Blues In A Broken Tongue” – Leslie Lee


+ “OFFSPRING” – Jimmy Barden


+ “The Waiting Room” – Samm-Art Williams
+ “God’s Trombones” – James Weldon Johnson

“Denzel Was Here” by Wendell Brock

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