The Strangest Fruit of All: Black Women Who Were Lynched in America.

The lynching of Laura Nelson. "The Strangest Fruit of All" is a planned documentary on the lynching of Black Women.

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We want to make a documentary on Black women who were lynched.  We plan to produce the video in honor and recognition of the 148 African American women who are known to have been lynched and those whose names we do not know.  We intend to have 148 women speak the names of the women on the list, the date they died and the place where they were made into martyrs.  We also intend showing footage from the locations where they joined the ancestors, as well as interviewing Professor Maria Delongoria, Dr. Daniel Meaders and others for their insight into the lynching of women.

1. At least 148 black women are known to have been lynched in America.

2. We want to inform the public of the true nature of lynching.

3. Would you be willing to share this message with others?  In so doing we increase awareness and gain support for this project.

4. Go to http://henriettavintondavis.wordpress… and read more about the women who were lynched.

5. Then go to http://henriettavintondavis.wordpress… to learn about how we came to know of this subject and the beginnings of this project.

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Purchasing a Shield of Righteous Power T-shirt makes a bold statement about the history of lynching in America.


7 thoughts on “The Strangest Fruit of All: Black Women Who Were Lynched in America.

  1. Hi, I am a white female and stumbled on the site after googling the Beitler photo in response to a newspaper article I was reading by Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts about Jordan Davis’ murder. I know it doesn’t mean much, if anything at all, but I apologize for all the misdeeds toward people of color by white people. It doesn’t make a difference what I say, but I am appalled at the stories listed here. How could anyone do that to anyone??? Even if they did think a person did not have a soul or might have been guilty. How could someone find it in them to be that cruel?

    I really believe that there must have been some sort of collective mental illness on the part of white people in the south, like what we call Borderline Personality Disorder today. There just does not seem to be any other explanation for it, because it is cruel beyond belief. I do think Farrakhan is right in a way, I think there must be some sort of bad genetics in some groups of white people to make them so mean like that. I know Farrakhan just says “the white devil”, but I think it is genetic.

    I study neuroscience and genetics and there seems to be an awful lot of weird mutated recessive genes in the Scotch Irish population, and it is the Scotch Irish whites who predominated in the South at the times of those lynchings. Some of the recessive genes affect B6 metabolism and as a result, serotonin production. (if you don’t make serotonin well, you can’t calm yourself down and extreme crazy anger can result/ sort of like PTSD). This seems to be the case here.

    My mother’s side of the family is from Mississippi and I’ve seen the unreasonable meanness directly. My aunt (my blood uncle’s wife) got pregnant bef. she and my uncle were married. Her father and brother took her out in the woods and held her down and stuck a coat hanger into her to end the pregnancy so she wouldn’t “disgrace” the family. (not thinking that maybe it might be disgraceful to mutilate your relatives like that). When you think of stuff like this, and everyone involved was white, its easy to see how these types of whites could hurt a “colored” person.

    My aunt barely survived and was made infertile, and she also wasn’t right in the head after that. My uncle really loved her and put up with her craziness, even when she would come after him with a big knife for no reason, cause he knew why she was that way. Lucky he was much bigger and could fight her off til she calmed down.

    At any rate, I think there is a lot of inbred crazy genetics on the part of the white people in the south. They check themselves now, because society as whole, thinks it’s not right to mistreat people, but I think the insanity is still there simmering under the surface in a passive aggressive sort of way.

    I wish the mental illness aspect would be addressed in a wide spread way, because people shouldn’t have to rely on national public opinion and laws to be safe. (that someone’s not gonna kill you, not because they don’t want to, but so they won’t look bad in front of other people.) People who are genetically crazy and murderous need to be treated and probably not breed in the first place.

    But I guess that’s what was happening with my aunt’s father and brother. They were evil and crazy and just subconsciously self destructing their gene line. Still, people can change with a good upbringing and my aunt was a nice kind woman who would have brought up a nice kind child had she been able to have one.

    Sorry to write on this so long. I didn’t plan on it, but while writing, (on the subject of cruel white people in the south) it just came up.

    At any rate, I think your documentary is an excellent idea and I hope it is in full production right now. It is an uncomfortable part of our nation’s history but it is important that people know and are aware. Kudos to you for having a wonderful and educational site; and good luck on the documentary.

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    • It means a great deal that you approached the subject from the perspective you bring. Recently, it has come to my awareness the reason for having got to the point this information is available in the present form is so that dialogues like this may take place. It is time. Your ability to discuss the events you shared is a sign of mental health. Your father and uncle were unable to empathize with the physical and emotional pain they were imposing on your aunt. Her experience brings to light the fact their behavior (and that of others who lack empathy) is not racial in character.

      The unhealthy ones are living in a fantasy world where they believe they can engage in any behavior they want as long as they do not get caught. Empathy prevents the healthy person from this type of behavior.

      Gratitude can only begin to describe how I feel for what you shared regarding B6 metabolism and serotonin is exactly what I have been seeking, although the genetic aspect is a bit overdrawn. In my opinion, genetics are only a document of some past event which has affected the genetic makeup of a person and their descendants. Anything that is done can be undone. If B6 metabolism and low serotonin production are the culprit in the behavior we are sharing (and that of your father and uncle) then those conditions can possibly be treated with therapy.

      Thank you again for all your information.


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