As you stood in your womanly beauty,
In garments of glittering sheen,
Our hearts bowed down in gracious homage,
And we crowned you as our queen.

Although many have been before thee,
Thou beautiful dark-eyed queen,
None more worthy of allegiance

On the throne was ever seen.

For whether in joy or in sorrow

Thy magic art has been seen
We sat enslaved by thy sweet caprice,
Our fair, yes, charming queen.

We pledge thee our loyal allegiance,
We pledge thee our sympathy keen,
We pledge thee the love of a nation
And crown thee fore’er our queen!


  1. Hi hello I know this will sound crazy but I believe I am the reincarnations of henrietta vinton davis I am live in california and I am only 21 .I haven’t had any knowlegde of who heni was until yesterday


  2. I don’t know how to post my picture whom may I send it to. I believe I am the reincarnation of henrietta vinton davis some friends already call me sheba


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