Order the Shield of Righteous Power T-shirt here.

The Shield of Righteous Power is a Red, black and green symbol of the power of the human spirit. It can be ordered online by clicking the link below:

Order the Shield of Righteous Power t-shirt.






After reading “Black Power in America: The Power of the Human Spirit” by Amy Jacques Garvey the realization for the need to create a symbol manifested.  It was envisioned as a symbol with the power to both deflect all that is other than love while attracting the love so prevalent throughout the universe.  Wearing the Red, Black and Green Shield of Righteous Power is a declaration of the victory of truth over deception.

The Shield of Righteous Power symbolizes love for oneself.  It is a Red, Black and Green symbol of the power of the human spirit.  It reminds us we have the power to accomplish what we will.  As a creation of the mind, viewing the Shield of Righteous Power embeds in both our awareness and unawareness.  It links us in a metacognitive fashion to both our ancestors who were the creators of the Red, Black and Green flag as well as the ancient Kemetic people of Africa.  At that point we are deliberately connected to the oneness of the “All” or “cosmic mind” At that point we are positioned access the “power within.”  The “power within” is a generator of cosmic proportions.  It invigorates our ability to “Project Our Will for Enlightened Revitalization.”

We thereby cross the infinity threshold of our mind to recreate our world from abstract dreams.  In our recreation, we are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, happy, healthy, prosperous and wise.  Through this advanced use of the human intellect we activate latent abilities dormant in the human mind.  This abilities are activated by creating a resonant frequency within our DNA.  These frequencies, or thoughts, communicate with the cosmic mind, of which we are a part.  By creating this cosmic communication we connect with the ebb and flow taking place throughout the universe.  This ebb and flow is all around us.  It is in the beating of our heart, the flow of our breath, the communication of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  It is in the rising and setting of the sun, the ocean tides, the change of seasons, as well as the waveguide between the ionosphere and earth’s surface resulting in the “Schumann Resonance.”

It is all tied together in one all encompassing symbol…rich with meaning and POWER!!!!  The Shield of Righteous Power links our meta-awareness to all times in all ways.

All of the above takes place because we connect to our ancestors through the symbol.  The red, black and green connects us to those people, some known, others unknown, who came together as members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association in Madison Square Garden on August 13, 1920 to draft the “Declaration of The Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World.”

Article 39 of the Declaration states:

“That the colors, Red, Black and Green, be the colors of the African race.”

The other part of the symbol, the Golden Ankh, symbol of everlasting life, connects us to Kemet.  We are thereby connected to the soul soil from which the human race originated.  That place where our ancestors, the ancients of days, took that first great walk in the sun;  where they developed the first language; the first culture and began the journey to populate the entire planet earth.

The Shield of Righteous Power t-shirt can be purchased online at:



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