America’s Uncrowned Queens: Dedicated to the Heroic, Toiling Black Woman

America’s Uncrowned Queens:
Dedicated to the Heroic, Toiling Black Woman
by Drusilla Dunjee Houston

October 26, 1917 – Black Dispatch
Courtesy of the Oklahoma Historical Society

‘Neath a weary load upon dusky head,
Upon American streets is the tread
Of an uncrowned type of heroine,
Their labors untrumpeted and unseen.
It to her helpmate, life chance is denied
With undaunted courage, she stems the tide,
Meets some of homes needs, help make it fair;
That he may find a kingship there.

When manhood is shackled, into its place
Nature oft forces a courageous race
Of women, who with heroic spirit,
Stamp within unborn children the merit
Denied their fathers.  For what man’s disdain
Keeps from one generation, the next will gain.

We see them in rain, in cold and the heat,
As they pass us with patient, toil worn feet.
Behind some great universities wall
It is the boy or girl for whom she gives all
Sometimes the more sacrificial her fire
The less we praise it, the more we require.

Whipped with the lash, until the reddened stain,
Of her life blood ran from opening vein,
In slavery’s hour, this type was true
To virtue.  Today life’s way they pursue
As heroically.  No scorn or slight
Can change her ideals, she sees aright;
That duty done, in higher worlds will mean
That she will be more than an uncrowned queen.


New York Jews Raise Over Six Million dollars: What of Negroes?

Amy Jacques Garvey, ”New York Jews Raise Over Six Million Dollars – What of Negroes?” Originally published in The Negro World, 5 June 1926.

The United Jewish campaign to raise $6,000,000 in Greater New York alone for the relief of Jews of Eastern Europe ended a few days ago. The amount was over-subscribed by $656,000. The national campaign aims to raise twenty-five million dollars, and from all indications this amount will also be over-subscribed.

The Bureau of Jewish Social Research estimates that there are only 3,600,00 0 Jews in this country, yet their ambition is to raise the enormous sum of twenty-five million dollars; not for their own benefit here, but to send to Europe to help their fellow-Jews who are in need. Such an example of racial love can not be too highly commended, as we ponder over the fellowship of these people, our thoughts return to our own race; but ah, how different it is with us. Fifteen million Negroes in America and what genius could get them to subscribe one dollar each for any laudable purpose that would benefit them here? As for sending money abroad to benefit Negroes in other countries, why almost every Negro newspaper would raise a storm of protest, and petty Negro politicians would shed greedy tears at the idea of American dollars going to help “foreign” Negroes. “Let them help themselves,” some of us would growl, “and if they can’t, that’s their hard luck.”

This accursed selfishness of the Negro has been his undoing, and until the Universal Negro Improvement Association has reached the heart of each and every one, he will continue to think of national boundaries and ignore racial ties.

Before Marcus Garvey gave birth to his great idea of a united Negro race — excepting none whether they be one per cent. or one hundred per cent.–West Indian Negroes were regarded by us as monkeys, and both groups regarded the African Negro as a maneater, thus unknowingly succumbing to the white man’s propaganda, and carrying out his policy of divide and rule. But Marcus Garvey showed them the folly of their way; he congregated thousands from different parts of the world in international conventions, where they heard each other’s tales of woe, compared notes, looked into each other’s eyes and felt the kinship of blood, and realized that all Negroes were brothers and their destiny was one. Now the Universal Negro Improvement Association can proudly boast of millions of members, whose concern is not where you were born, but are you a Negro.

This organization has a drive on for one million new members and one million dollars, to carry on its work of Negro uplift and African redemption, and we sincerely hope that the Jews will not put us to shame; but that in proportion to our meagre earnings we will oversubscribe the amount, which is a small amount indeed for the great work planned by our leader.

Jewish women have played an important part in making their campaign a success, and it is up to Negro women to rally to the call and round up the recruits and the dollars. One Jewish woman alone collected $161,200. Surely Negro women who have collected moneys to build so many churches, will now turn their attention to nation building, and thereby ensure the future for posterity.

This money must be raised and raised quickly. Extending the campaign over long indefinite periods will not help. A few hundred thousand dollars in the treasury of the organization could accomplish much along all lines, but small amounts coming in spasmodically cannot be used to advantage. Women! This is your opportunity to make your contribution to the race. Let the world know that Negroes can and will support their own cause and protect their brothers anywhere and everywhere.


Negro World MAsthead

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by Hon. Nana Kwabena Prempeh

UNIA-ACL High Commissioner Nana Prempeh laying a wreath at the bust of Marcus Garvey in Ghana

June 10th 2008 was a “Great Garvey Day” as the UNIA-ACL High Commissioner Nana Prempeh met with Ambassador DR. Erieka Bennett, Head of The Diaspora African Forum Mission in Accra, Ghana. Dr. Bennett is also the Diaspora representative from Ghana to the African Union (AU) and was on her way to the AU Conference now taking place in EGYPT.

The definition of Diaspora – according to the African Union is as follows:
(i) Africans taken from Africa as a part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
(ii) Continental Africans that leave Africa living, working & studying abroad.

The UNIA High Commissioner in Ghana discussed with Dr. Bennett her upcoming input at the AU meeting and she assured him of a briefing upon her return. Ghana, under President Koffour is an active participant in the AU. Dr. Bennett informed the UNIA High Commissioner of some current historic moments in Africa. In February of this year Nana Kweku Primpa Kalachuri II, her son, was en-stooled in the village Bono Manso, in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The People of Bono Manso have dedicated 25 Acres of Land to the Ancestral Memory of African American Heroes and Heroines.

UNIA-ACL High Commissioner to Ghana Nana Prempeh recently visited the historic site.and noted that it is the people of this area who have built these monuments to our ancestors with the hope of enlightening the youth about the greatness of our race.

Bust of Marcus Garvey in Ghana

The UNIA-ACL in Ghana intends to continue building on the Garvey Site. On Sunday August 17TH, 2008 the UNIA & ACL in conjunction with the Caribbean Association and the Rastafarian Association along with the African American Association of Ghana – will have a “Great Garvey Day” celebration at Bono Manso site. At that time we will raise the “Red, Black, and Green” flag of the UNIA and the Ghanaian national flag with the Black Star of Garvey, since this is the only site in Ghana with a monument to the Rt. Excellent Marcus Garvey.

The UNIA in Ghana has also proposed to build a Garvey Hall to house a Museum, Book-brary, as well as a Gift Shop & Restaurant. Monuments to Amy Ashwood & Amy Jacques Garvey are also in the plans.