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by Hon. Nana Kwabena Prempeh

UNIA-ACL High Commissioner Nana Prempeh laying a wreath at the bust of Marcus Garvey in Ghana

June 10th 2008 was a “Great Garvey Day” as the UNIA-ACL High Commissioner Nana Prempeh met with Ambassador DR. Erieka Bennett, Head of The Diaspora African Forum Mission in Accra, Ghana. Dr. Bennett is also the Diaspora representative from Ghana to the African Union (AU) and was on her way to the AU Conference now taking place in EGYPT.

The definition of Diaspora – according to the African Union is as follows:
(i) Africans taken from Africa as a part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
(ii) Continental Africans that leave Africa living, working & studying abroad.

The UNIA High Commissioner in Ghana discussed with Dr. Bennett her upcoming input at the AU meeting and she assured him of a briefing upon her return. Ghana, under President Koffour is an active participant in the AU. Dr. Bennett informed the UNIA High Commissioner of some current historic moments in Africa. In February of this year Nana Kweku Primpa Kalachuri II, her son, was en-stooled in the village Bono Manso, in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The People of Bono Manso have dedicated 25 Acres of Land to the Ancestral Memory of African American Heroes and Heroines.

UNIA-ACL High Commissioner to Ghana Nana Prempeh recently visited the historic site.and noted that it is the people of this area who have built these monuments to our ancestors with the hope of enlightening the youth about the greatness of our race.

Bust of Marcus Garvey in Ghana

The UNIA-ACL in Ghana intends to continue building on the Garvey Site. On Sunday August 17TH, 2008 the UNIA & ACL in conjunction with the Caribbean Association and the Rastafarian Association along with the African American Association of Ghana – will have a “Great Garvey Day” celebration at Bono Manso site. At that time we will raise the “Red, Black, and Green” flag of the UNIA and the Ghanaian national flag with the Black Star of Garvey, since this is the only site in Ghana with a monument to the Rt. Excellent Marcus Garvey.

The UNIA in Ghana has also proposed to build a Garvey Hall to house a Museum, Book-brary, as well as a Gift Shop & Restaurant. Monuments to Amy Ashwood & Amy Jacques Garvey are also in the plans.


August 25, 2008 is Henrietta Vinton Davis Day

Proclamation for Henrietta Vinton Davis Day

Henrietta Vinton Davis Day

August 25, 2008

A proclamation by the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

WHEREAS, Henrietta Vinton Davis was born on August 25, 1860 in Baltimore, Maryland, but later moved to Washington, DC where she received her education and became the first African American to work at the DC Recorder of Deeds; and

WHEREAS, in her lifetime she worked with the abolitionist movement of Frederick Douglas and the African Redemption Movement of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) with Marcus Garvey; and
WHEREAS, Henrietta Vinton Davis’ residence which is located at 1219 Linden Place, NE has been placed on the Cultural Tourism DC’s African American Heritage Trail and today a marker will be unveiled at her grave site:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, THE MAYOR OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, do hereby proclaim August 25, 2008 as “HENRIETTA VINTON DAVIS DAY” in Washington, DC, and call upon all the residents of this great city to join me in remembering this distinguished individual for her contributions.

Adrian M. Fenty

Mayor, District of Columbia