Reception to Miss Henrietta Vinton Davis

In the Evening Critic of April 24, 1883 is an article describing an appearance of Henrietta Vinton Davis at the home of Frederick Douglass in Anacostia, D.C. Her performance described below is followed by that of her teacher Marguerite Saxton.

The Evening critic. [volume], April 24, 1883, Page 1, Image 1

Hon. Frederick Douglass invited a few friends last evening to his residence in Uniontown to meet Miss Henrietta Vinton Davis, the young colored lady who is to make her debut in dramatic recitals on Wednesday evening, 25th instant, at Marini’s Hall.

Miss Davis recited very effectively scenes from “Romeo and Juliet,” “As You Like It,” “Briar Rose” (a poem of great dramatic power by Bjornson), “Awfully Lovely Philosophy” and “Dancing at the Flat Creek Quarters.” Mr. Douglass, than whom there is no better judge, made a speech of congratulation, and predicted a successful future for Miss Davis.

Miss Marguerite E. Saxton, the preceptress of Miss Davis, upon a request from Mr. Douglass, gave a scene from “MacBeth,” and recited “Drifting.” Miss Saxton is so well and favorably known that the appearance of her pupil will be one of the events of the season.